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Hispanic Genealogical Research Center

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This redesigned Website and the Webtrees presentation of the Great New Mexico Pedigree Database (GNMPD) are in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico (HGRC). The Webtrees format, as the master file of the Great New Mexico Pedigree Database (GNMPD), will reflect revisions in real time. The original GNMPD format will be retained for some time as a convenience for our users. Changes in the original database will always lag behind the Webrees format by several weeks.


What is the HGRC?

The HGRC-NM is a genealogy research society founded in June of 1993.

We are a non-profit society organized for the purposes of:

1. Encouraging and nurturing the interests of its members in the pursuit of their Hispanic ancestors and history by providing a common ground wherein they can come together to share their genealogical knowledge and research.

2. Instructing others in the methods of Hispanic genealogical research and to provide an awareness of Hispanic tradition, culture and history.

3. Facilitating the expansion and development of the opportunities for Hispanic genealogical and historical research for its members, other interested individuals, and those organizations having like interests.

4. Promoting the utilization of genealogical collections, Church and government records, and other materials to ensure the correctness and the proper documentation of all research.

5. Developing and promoting liaison with the Hispanic community, other genealogical societies and organizations having like interests.

6. Providing and maintaining a genealogy database of the Hispanic ancestors of New Mexico and their descendants. (Known as the Great New Mexico Pedigree Database.)

The HGRC-NM publishes a monthly newsletter "NOTICIAS", a Quarterly Journal "HERENCIA", and makes a variety of other genealogical and historical research/reference materials available to the membership and public at large. To join us in an exciting journey of pride and heritage, print and mail your membership form today.

Church at Acoma Pueblo, Photos taken in 1902 and as it looks today

Banner photo courtesy National Park Service


General Membership Meeting

May 2, 2015 - 10:30 am to hgrc noticias  

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 4th, but because it is the Easter weekend, we will not be meeting.

Please join us for our General Membership meetings held the first Saturday of each month at Botts Hall, Albuquerque Special Collections Library on the NW corner of Central and Edith.

NEW GNMPD Interface

WEBTrees database database

HGRC has updated our genealogy database to a great new format. We are using the WEBtrees software for the Great New Mexico Pedigree Database. This software offers many new charts, graphs, and search capabilities that you will find very useful.

Herencia - The HGRC Quarterly Journal

Available for purchase to herencia

We all know that the most treasured inheritance from our ancestors is the rich heritage they have left for us. In Herencia we share history and stories of this inheritance with each other.