A1. "New Mexico’s First Colonists", by David H. Snow ($18 includes postage)

A2. "The Spanish Recolonization of New Mexico", by Jose Esquibel ($50 +$6 postage) (SOLD OUT)
A3.  "Military Records of Colonial New Mexico Notas y Revistas (Notes & Musters) by Henrietta

             Martinez Christmas ($40 +$6 postage)

A6.  "Origins of New Mexico Families" by Angelico Chavez {$50 + $7 postage}

A7.  "Place Names of New Mexico" by Robert Julyan {$20 = $5 postage}

A8.  "Index to the Microfilm of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and the Diocese of Las Cruces {$10 + $5 postage}

A12 “Chavez A Distinctive American Clan of New Mexico” by Angelico Chavez {25 + $5 postage}  



A14. "La Sociedad: Guardians of Hispanic Culture Along the Rio Grande" By Jose Rivera {$35 postage included}









B1. San Miguel del Bado: Vol. 1 Jul 1853 - Jun 1868 ($45 + $6 postage)

B2. San Miguel del Bado: Vol. 2 May 1867 - Dec 1885 ($45 + $6 postage)

B3. San Miguel del Bado: Vol. 3 Jan 1886 - Dec 1900 ($45 + $6 postage)

B4. San Miguel del Socorro: Vol. 1 Jan 1854 - Mar 1865 ($40 + $5 postage)

B5. Abiquiú 26 Dec 1869 - 24 Dec 1900 ($40 + $5 postage)

B6. Belen 1 Jan 1866 - 13 Mar 1895 ($45 + $6 postage)

B7. Taos 12 Jul 1887 - 27 Dec 1900 ($45 + $6 postage)

B8. San Miguel del Bado, Pecos Mission 1799 - 1829 ($35 +$6 postage)

B9. Anton Chico 1857 - 1897 ($50 +$6 postage)

B10. Pueblo Missions; San Felipe, Santa Ana, Santo Domingo, Cochiti, Jemez ($35 +$6 postage)

B11. Sandia Mission 1771 - 1851 ($35 +$6 postage)

B12. Las Vegas 1852 - 1871 ($45 + $6 postage)

B13. Sapello Jan 1860 - Dec 1882 ($40 + $6 postage)

B14. Chaperito 1876-1891 ($35 + $6 postage)

B15. Parkview (Los Ojos) 1883-1900 ($45 + $6 postage)

B16. La Capilla de San Antonio del Sabinal Feb 1849-Sep 1862 {$25 + $5 postage}

B17. Belen 6 Nov 1851-30 Dec 1865 {$25 + 45 postage}

B18.  Las Vegas Jan 1872-Dec 1900 {$60 + $9 postage}

B19. San Jose de Laguna 1777-1890 {$50 + $7 postage}

B20. Puerto de Luna 1662-1902 {$35 + $5 postage}

B21. La Junta (Watrous) Aug 1873-Sep 1905 {$50 + $7} 

B22.  San Juan 1871-1900 {$50 + $7 postage}

B23.  Pecos Oct 1862-Apr 1904 {$30 + $6 postage}

B25. Manzano Nov 1867-Dec 1900 {$45 + $7 postage}

B26. Jemez 1852-1899 {$45 + $7 postage}

B27. Mora Vol 1 1861-1878 {$60 + $9 postage}

B28. Mora Vol 2 1879-1899 {$60 + $9 postage}

B29.  Pena Blanca 1867-1899 {$50 + $7 postage}

B30. Taos 1850-1869 {$50 + $7postage} 

B31. Gallup 1854-1900 {$60 + $9 postage}

B32. Santa Fe 1851- 1867 {$55 + $9 postage}

B33. Sapello 1883-1899 {$35 + $7postage} 

B34. Santa Fe 1868-1883 {$50 + $9 postage}


B35.  Santa Fe 1884-1899 {$50 + $9 postage


B36. San Miguel del Bado: Vol 4, 1900 - May 1912 {$40 + $6 postage}



C1."1692 El Paso Census" by Diego de Vargas compiled by R. Salazar ($6 + $1.60 postage)

C2.  1671 Catholic Census of Zacatecas {$20 + $5 postage}

C3.  1790, 1793, 1803, 1823, 1829, 1841 New Mexico Census {$25 + $5 postage}




D1. Belen 1793 - 1900 ($50 + $7 postage)

D2. Las Vegas 1862-1915 {$50 + $7 postage}

D3. Tome 1793 - 1956 {$40 + $7 postage}





X1. Bernalillo, Marriages, Baptisms, Burials, 1700 - 1712 ($10 +$4 postage)

X2. St. Johns, AZ, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, 1880 - 1908 ($40 +$4 postage)





M1. Socorro 1854-1900, San Ignacio, San Cristóbal, San Marcial, La Joya ($50 + $7 postage)

M2. San Miguel del Bado 1878 - 1900 ($20 +$5 postage)

M3. Las Vegas, Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Jan 1853 - Dec 1882 ($35 + $6 postage)

M4. Chaperito Aug 1876 - Dec 1898 ($35 + $6 postage)

M5. Anton Chico Apr 1857 - Dec 1940 ($50 + $6 postage)

M6. San Miguel del Bado, Pecos, Galisteo 1802 - 1865 (& investigations) ($35 + $6 postage)

M7. Pueblo Missions; San Felipe, Santa Ana, Santo Domingo, Cochiti, Jemez ($35 +$6 postage)

M8. Sapello Jan 1860 - Dec 1882 ($40 +$6 postage)

M9. Puerto de Luna 1864 - 1914 ($35 + $6 postage)

M10. Mora Feb 1856 - Dec 1875 ($35 + $6 postage)

M11. Mora Jan 1876 - Dec 1895 ($35 + $6 postage)

M12. La Junta (Watrous) Sep 1873 - Apr 1908 ($35 + $6 postage)

M13. Cimmaron and Ocate Feb 1872 - Dec 1894 ($25 + $6 postage)

M14. Bernalillo Jan 1863 - 1900 ($35 +$6 postage)

M15. Gallup Diocese 1777 - 1922 $50 +$7 postage)

M16. Santa Fe Jan 1858 - Oct 1889 {$40 + $6 postage}

M17. Pecos Oct 1862 - Apr 1904 {$25 + $6 postage}

M18. Taos Jan 1858 - Jan 1885 & County Register 1862 - 1885 {$40 + $6 postage}

M19. Taos Feb 1885 - Dec 1902 & County Register 1885 - 1902 {$25 + $6 postage}

M20. Peñasco 1866 - Aug 17 1904  $25 + $6 postage

M21. San Juan de los Caballeros Aug 6, 1857 - Dec 18, 1900  $30 + $6 postage.

M22. El Rito Dec 8, 1869 - Dec 1, 1900  $25 + $6 postage

M23. Peña Blanca Jan 13, 1863 – Dec 29, 1926  $40 + $6 postage

M24. Tome, NM Dec 1859 - 1 Dec 1900 {$30 + $6 postage}

M25. Belen, NM 1 Feb 1856 - 1 Dec 1900 {$30 + $6 postage}

M26. Manzano, NM Dec 1874 - Dec 1913 {$30 + $6 postage}

M27. Santo Tomas Abiquiú Dec 1854 - Dec 1910 {$30 + $6 postage}

M28. Isleta, NM Aug 1857 - Dec 1910 {$30 + $6 postage}

M29. Albuquerque, Jan 1855 - Dec 1900 {$45 + $6 postage}

M30. Las Vegas Our Lady of Sorrows, Jan 1883 - Dec 1930. {$45 + $6 postage}

M31. Lincoln County, Santa Rita Church, Jan 1869 - Dec 1910. {$25 + $5 postage}

M32. Parkview (Los Ojos) Apr 1883 - Dec 1920 {$40 + $6 postage}

M33. Springer Sep 1895 - Jul 1935 {$30 + $6 postage}

M34. Santa Cruz de la Canada 1850-1899 {$25 + $6 postage  

M35. Sapello 1883-1899 {$20 + $5 postage}

M36. Santa Fe Santa Fe Marriages Nov 1889 – Feb 1914 {$30 + $6 postage}





Guest Speaker Videos

Videos either VHS or DVD are $10 plus $2.50 for postage and handling.

V-1. "An Evening with Padre Antonio José Martínez," by E. A. Tony Marez

V-2. "Common Errors in Spanish Colonial New México Genealogy," by José Antonio Esquivel

V-3. "Finding and Honoring our Spanish –Méxican Grandmothers," by Gloria Cordova

V-4. "Conducting Historical Research in Spain, France and Italy," by Roberto Martinez

V-5. "An Overview of the Book, ‘The Exposition on the Province of New México in 1812’ by Don Pedro Pino," by Patricia Rau

V-6. "Researching Mexican Records, by Jose Esquibel."

V-7. "The Melungeons - Los Otros Españoles," by Eloy Gallegos.

V-8. "Executed men of the 1642 Murder of Governor Luis Rosas: Female connection and family Honor," by Dr Isabelle Medina Sandoval.

V-9. "Preserving our Spanish Heritage and the National Park Service," by Mr. Ernest Ortega - Superintendent of the Intermountain Support Office of the National Park Service.

V-10. "The Colonial Research Center & Colonial Latin American Historical Review," by Dr. Joseph Sanchez & Angelica Sanchez-Clark

V-11. "Unmasking the Spanish Culture," by Larry Torres.

V-12. "Spanish Recolonization of New Mexico," an Introduction to the Book and much new material, by Jose Esquibel.

V-13.  "Material Culture of the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries in New Mexico," by Cordelia (Dedie) Snow.

V-14. "Infectious Diseases in the Upper Rio Abajo 1793-1918," by Dr. Oswald Baca.

V-15. "Are we or are we NOT Jewish - a third view," by Dr. Adrian Bustamante.

V-16. "The Baca Family, 1600-1998," by Dr. Vincent C de Baca.

V-17. "¿Cuantos Primos Tengo?" by Francisco Sisneros.

V-18. "Basque Genealogy," by Dr. Donald Garate.

V-19. "Origins of Names," by Marina Ochoa.

V-20. "Gleamings from 10 Censuses of El Paso del Norte area," by John B. Colligan

V-21. "The Founding Mothers of New Mexico," by Jose A. Esquibel

V-22. "Explorers, Traders, & Slavers: Forging the Old Spanish Trail 1698 ~ 1850," by Dr. Joseph Sanchez.

V-23. "A Short Biography of Octaviano Ambrocio Larrazolo - The 1st naturalized citizen to be elected governor of New Mexico," by Dr. Daniel Chávez

V-24. "Memories of Cibola - Stories from New Mexico Villages," by Abelicio (Abe) Peña.

V-25. "The Durango Project: an update on records cataloged, records available on microfilm, & what has been published. Many sacramental records from New Mexico have been found in the Durango Archives," by Tim Blevins, Photographic Conservationist Technician of the Durango Project.

V-26. "Land Grants & Lawsuits as a Source for Genealogists," by Malcolm Ebright.

V-27. "The Sernas of New Mexico - a Family History & Chronology dating back to 1360," by Louis F. Serna.

V-28. "Crypto Jews in the New World," by Dr. Charles Trujillo.

V-29. "The Colonists Recruited in Mexico City in 1695," by Jose A. Esquibel.

V-30. "New History, Old Hat," by Dr. Thomas Chavez

V-31. "Consanguinity and Affinity," by Father Manuel Viera

V-32. "The Role of Hispanic Women Along the Rio Puerco," by Dr. Nasario Garcia.

V-33. "The Juan Paez Hurtado Expedition," by John B. Colligan.

V-34. "Tragedy Among Oñate's Colony: A Chronicle of the Sosa Albornoz Family," by Jose A. Esquibel

V-35. "The Atrisco Land Grant 1692-1968," by Dr. Joseph P. Sanchez.

V-36. "The Early Community of Santa Cruz de La Canada, 1695-1900," by Jose A. Esquibel.

V-37. "Discussion of and use of Genealogy Software Packages," by Eddie Jaramillo.

V-38. "The Mexican American War in New Mexico," by Robert Torres, Historian for the New Mexico State Records Center & Archives.

V-39. "New Mexico Hispanic Families of the Rio Grade Valley," by Carlos Lopopolo.

V-40. "Beyond Origins of New Mexico - Families from the Colonial Period," by Jose A. Esquibel. {New material on a number of family names, not previously published}

V-41. "Spain and the Independence of the United States: An Intrinsic Gift"; by Dr. Thomas Chávez.

V-42. "New Mexico Colonial Military 1598-1822"; by Henrietta Christmas and Virginia Sanchez.

V-43. "Diego Romero's Testimony Before the Inquisition: New Genealogical Information"; by Jose Antonio Esquibel.

V-44. "To See Such Marvels With My Own Eyes: Spanish Exploration in the Western Borderlands"; by John Kessell.

V-45. “Caminos Reales of the Southwest” by Dr. Joseph Sanchez

V-46. “Beyond Chavez’s Roots by John Colligan

V-47. “New Mexico Family Roots in Zacatecas” by Robert Martinez

V-48. “Kinship and Intermarriage among Encomendero Families in 17th Century New Mexico” by Jose Antonio Esquibel

V-49. “Sacramental Records, Diocese of Gallup 1699-1920” by Francisco Sisneros

V-50. “People of the Early Pojoaque Valley” by Henrietta M. Christmas

V-51. “Agua y Tierra, Analysis of a Colorado Acequia Ledger” by Virginia Sanchez

V-52. “Francisco Cuervo y Valdez, Founder of Albuquerque” by Rick Hendricks

V-53. “PC Database Resources, Special Collections LAN” By Hugh Blevens and Mort Ervin

V-54. “The Great New Mexico Pedigree Database” by Marlin Aker and John Pena

V-55. “Migration of Our Ancestors from New Mexico to Colorado” by Gloria Cordova

V-56. “Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico” by Pat Esterly

V-57. “Fray Juan Jose Toledo and the Devil in Spanish Colonial New Mexico” By Robert Martinez  

V-58. “St. Johns, AZ; doña Eduarda Yturietta” by Francisco Sisneros

V-59. “Hispanic Migration in New Mexico” by Al Regensberg

V-60. “History and Roll of the Catholic Church in New Mexico” by Dr. Charles Trujillo

V-61. “Bloody Valverde and the Battle of Glorietta Pass” by John Taylor

V-62. " Pedro Lucero de Godoy, His Ancestors in Mexico City" by José Antonio Esquibel.

V-63. "Anthrogenealogy - Genealogy with DNA Research"  by Fr. Bill Sanchez.  "Probable Genealogy of Sanchez de Iñigo" by Ronaldo Miera.

V-64. "Putting Faces on the Coronado Expedition" by Richard Flint and Shirley Cushing Flint.

V-65 "The Tapestry of Kinship, The web of Influence of Esquiltores and Carpinteros of the Parish of Santa Fe 1790-1860 by Charlie Carrillo

V-66 "Military Records of Colonial New Mexico Notas y Revistas (Notes and Musters) 

           by Henrietta Martinez Christmas

V-67.  "History & Evolution of Dia de los Muertos in Mexico" by Catalina Delgado Trunk.

V-68.  "New Mexico Genetic Disease Part 1:  Cavernous Angioma The Hispanic 

            Founder Mutation" by Joyce Gonzales and Dr. Leslie Morrison

V-69 “American History, Fact or Fantasy” by Ruben Salas

V-70 “UFO’s Over Galisteo and Other Fascinating Stories” by Robert Torrez

V-71 “99 New Mexicans” by Don Bullis

V-72 “Jesusita de Albuquerque” by David Snow

V-73 “Agua y Tierra in Alburquerque in the 18th Century” by Dr. Joseph Sanchez

V-74 “ Apples, Coriander, and Watermelons: Spanish Plantways to New Mexico” by 

            Bill Dunmire  

V-75 “Spanish Language Newspapers in New Mexico 1834-1958” by Gabriel Melendez

V76.  “The Founding Families of Albuquerque” by the NM Genealogical Society

V77.  “Civil War Pension Records” by Henrietta M. Christmas

V78.  “Navigation and Mapping in the Spanish Colonial Period” by Fred Roeder

V79.  “The History of New Mexico Music” by Robert Martinez

V80.  “Civil War Pension Records” by Nancy Anderson, “Colonial Military Records” 

           by Henrietta M. Christmas, “Albuquerque 1790 Census” by Ronaldo Miera  

V-81 "Fray Juan Mingus" by Francisco Sisneros

V-82 "The Ancestry of Gregoria Ruiz" by Jose Antonio Esquibel

V-83 "Los Alcaldes de Alburquerque" by Francisco Sisneros

V-84. “New Mexico a Biographical Dictionary” by Don Bullis

V-85.  “Following the Royal Road: A Guide to the Historic Camino Real” by Hal Jackson

V-86.  “The Ancient and Continuing Saga of NM Wine Industry” by Dr. Paul Kraemer

V-87.  “Remedios of Early New Mexicans” by Dr. Jim Sais

V-88.  “To the Ends of the Earth a History of the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico” by Stanley Hordes

V-89.  “El Camino Real, Following in our Ancestors Footsteps” by Henretta Christmas and Gloria Sanchez

V-90  "New Mexico in 1876-1877 a Newspaperman's View, the Travels & Reports of William D. Dawson" by Robert Torrez

V-91  "DNA & its Application to Genealogy" by Henrietta Christmas and Santiago Romero

V-92  "El Paso del Norte, Nueva Casa Grandes, Carretas, and Cusihuiriachic Founded by Nueve Mexicanos" by Francisco Sisneros

V-93  "Dona Tules Santa Fe's Courtesan and Gambler" by Mary J. Straw Cook

V-94  " Villages and Villagers: Stories from New Mexico Villages" by Abe Pena

V-96  “The Impact of Islam on the Hispanic World”; by Dr. Charles Truxillo
V-97  “The Arc From Padre Marinez to Reies Lopez Tijerina Reflections  Upon Old Books, Reading Rooms and Making History”: by Dr. Michael Olivas
V-98  “Rosa Bustamonte 1734 -1815 "; and "How to Navigate the Family Tree DNA Website"   
V-100  "Vargas at the Gate: The Sapnish Restoration of Santa Fe 1692-1695" by John Kessell

V-101.  "New Mexico in 1801, The Priests Report" by Rick Hendricks

V-102.  "Martineztown 1823-1950" by Dr. Joseph Sanchez and Larry Miller

V-103.  "The Fred Harvey Houses of the Southwest" by Dr. Richard Melzer

V-106.  ”Sisneros Family History: Coming Full Circle to the Salinas ”  by Francisco Sisneros

V-107.  Chaperito Land Grant, Parish and Ghost Town” by Henrietta M. Christmas

V-108.  New Mexico Governors” by Don Bullis

V-109.  “Marvillas de los Tejedores, Rio grand Weavings” by Deborah Slaney

V-110.  “The Villa de Santa Fe in the 17th Century” by Jose Antonio Esquibel

V-111.  “Acequia Culture: Historic Irrigated Landscapes of New Mexico ” by Jose Rivera

V-112.  “Distinguido don Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco” by Ronaldo Miera

V-114.  “El Rito Land Grant of Rio Arriba” by Henrietta M. Christmas

V-115.  “An Environmental History of the Rio Grande ” by Steve Harris

V-116.  “Manuel Francisco Delgado’s Paternal Ancestors” by Dr. Claire Ortiz Hill

V-117.  “NM Colcha Club: Spanish Colonial Embroidery & the Women Who Saved It” by Nancy Benson

V-118.  “Rummaging for an Identity: Oddities of Semantics, Language, Accents and Location in Santa Fe ’s History” by Dr. Thomas Chavez

V-119.  “It Happened in Old Santa Fe : The Mexican Territorial Period” by Dr. Joseph Sanchez

V-120.  “Dona Catarina Salazar, Estanciera of the Salinas Province ” by Francisco Sisneros

V-121.  “Our Ancestral Indian Grandmothers” by Ronaldo Miera

V-122.  “Using Land Grant Records in Your Research – The Santa Fe Area” by Henrietta M. Christmas

V-123. “The Presidio of Santa Fe : A Century and a Half of Service” by Robert Torrez

V-124.  “Santeros of Santa Fe , Where It All Began” by Charlie Carrillo

V-125 “Hispanic Heritage in New Mexico ” by Ruben Salas

V-126.  “Garnsey Art Rock Site – A Possible Record of Spanish and Native American Contact” by Mike Bilbo

V-127. “Rio Arriba a New Mexico County ” by Robert Torrez

V-128.  “La Sociedad Guardians of Hispanic Culture Along the Rio Grande ” by Jose Rivera

V-130.  “She Came from Beyond Understanding La Conquistadora’s Role in the New World ” by Jaima Chevalier

V-131 “Research the Archivo in Sevilla, Spain” by Ronaldo Miera

V-132 “Early Mail in New Mexico ” by Henrietta Christmas

V-133 “3 Burials of Fray Geronimo de la Llana” by Francisco Sisneros

V-134 “Mining in New Mexico Southwest” by Jane Bardal

V-135 “US Invasion and the Organic Code imposed by Gen. Kearny” by Tim Kimball

V-136 “El Camino Real: Mexico City to Santa Fe ” by Dr. Joseph Sanchez

V-137 “ New Mexico 100 Years of Statehood” by Ruben Salas

V-138 “Fray Alonso de Benavides: A Harvest of Reluctant Souls” by Baker H. Morrow

V-139 “17th Century NM Spanish Settlements” by Jose A. Esquibel

V-140 “ New Mexico Icons” by Henrietta Christmas

V-141 “Eusebio Duran y Chaves” by Francisco Sisneros

V-142 “Bernardina Vasquez and her DNA Cousins” by Henrietta Christmas

V-143 “ Santa Fe Deed Records” by Henrietta Christmas

V-144 “Cabeza de Vaca’s South American Expedition” by Baker H. Morrow

V-145 “ Rio Abajos Villages and Families” by Francelle Alexander

V-146 “La Joja de Sevilleta 1800-1819” by Francisco Sisneros








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