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NOTICE: The HGRC Board of Directors has approved a decision to remove the original GNMPD from the website. The original GNMPD was the concept that led us to the use of our current, more collaborative, web-based application called Webtrees. The GNMPD Webtrees is now the official database for the HGRC and is continually maintained and updated. The database currently has 185,122 individuals, and 61,290 families entered as part of the Great New Mexico Pedigree.


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ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE FINDING YOUR LISTING IN WEBTREES? In the event that you search for a living individual in Webtrees (without logging into a password protected account) you likely will read “The details of this individual are private.” You may think you are stuck. A good move would be: Under the icon “CHARTS” select “Ancestors” or “Compact tree” or “Family book” to gain access to relatives. From any of these charts you can view all non-living individuals in the GNMPD.

The Great New Mexico Pedigree Database Project... What is it?

An ambitious project to organize immense amounts of research into one connected genealogical pedigree chart of New Mexico's Hispanic ancestry. It is the result of combining many different GEDCOM files (computer genealogy data format) as well as information from various published sources into one unified database.


To enable anyone, anywhere to have access to the most comprehensive, organized and extensive collection of New Mexico Hispanic Genealogical research via the Internet.


Access: It gives anyone, anywhere in the world with interest in New Mexico Hispanic Genealogy easy access to the combined research of dozens of New Mexico's foremost Hispanic genealogists.

Speed: It will give instant information on the latest research and put an end to endless hours of "reinventing of the wheel" by eliminating repetitive research into common ancestors.

Expansion: It will be updated allowing for growth in names, places, dates and sources.

Standardization: It provides a standard for usage of names, dates, places, etc.

Uniqueness: It shows the unique relationship that New Mexican Hispanics have as one large connected family.

Powerful - Not Perfect

We do not claim that everything in this database is exactly perfect. Just as information from the excellent and well-known publication, ORIGINS OF NEW MEXICO FAMILIES, has many times been corrected due to further research, we fully expect that some errors in this database will surface as new research serves to refine its accuracy. Thus we encourage anyone who wishes to submit corrections to us via the email option in the database.


For persons born within the last 100 years and when no death date has been reported, notice that most of the data for those persons has been omitted. All submitted data is retained in full in the HGRC master database and is available to authorized family researchers.

Contacts for the GNMPD

Research and Data Processing provided by highly qualified and dedicated volunteer Editors, all of whom have a passion for New Mexico history, genealogy, and culture.

For Corrections or Additions to the Great New Mexico Pedigree Database, contact Louie Tapia at


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